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The surfaces and purposes for needing sandblasting services are extensive. We cover it all at our shop.

Stripping it down layer by layer

Do you need your patio furniture stripped, a sign textured or an industrial loader sandblasted? 

You can count on us to get the job done - give Dave’s Custom Sandblasting a call today! 


Smooth or Rough to the touch

Let us know what you want to be sandblasted and how rough or smooth you want the top layer to be, and we'll handle the rest! Dave has decades of experience and knows the nuances of how to deal with the different materials that need sandblasting.


We can handle your job

Dave’s Custom Sandblasting can help to renew and refresh appearance by removing the outermost layer of the surface you need service on. 

Commercial Sandblasting

Complete Sandblasting Services

  • Remove Rust

  • Remove Paint

  • Remove Scale

  • Sign Texturing

  • Remove Discoloration

  • Prepare a Surface for Finish

Metal Cleaning

Metal Cleaning Services

  • Aluminum Cleaning

  • Brass Cleaning

  • Iron Cleaning

  • Tin Cleaning

  • Stainless Steel Cleaning

Metal Cleaning

Metal Cleaning.png

You can refresh your metal surfaces and fixtures with one simple call to Dave's Custom Sandblasting - from discoloration to rust, caused by exposure to the elements. Give Dave a call to discuss the outcome you’re looking for with your metal cleaning.

We Can Clean Any Metal Surface

From car parts to railings to doorknobs to patio furniture to signage, to small, medium and large equipment, we can clean all the metal to get it looking as good as new and preparing it for a new finish!

Small Jobs Are No Problem

Serving residential, commercial and industrial customers, you can count on us to fully clean and rejuvenate any and all types of metal.

Metal Cleaning

Paint Stripping

Paint Stripping.png

We Can Remove Paint From Any Surface

The first step in a repainting project in your home, office or on your worksite is to thoroughly remove the old paint and prepare the surface so it will fully bond with the new paint. Call Dave's Custom Sandblasting to get the paint stripping done fast!

We have the Tools 

Dave’s has the tools needed to remove every trace of paint. We use all-natural, controlled abrasion to efficiently and effectively strip down your surface, instead of using noxious solvents or scrapers that are only partially effective.

The Power of Abrasion is Put to Work

Our sandblaster will clear off any and all paint from your surface much more effectively than natural erosion and thousands of times faster, no matter how small or oddly shaped it is!

Paint Removal Services

  • Automotive

  • Bicycles

  • Equipment

  • Furniture 

  • Patio Furniture

  • Radiators

  • Railings

  • Register Covers

  • Industrial Machine Bases

Paint Stripping
Paint Stripping
Sign Texturing

Give us a call for a free quote

Sign Texturing

Sign Texturing.png

Dave’s Custom Sandblasting specializes in texturing signs to give them a custom look. We are proud of this arm of our business and enjoy the creativity of making your sign look professional and eye-catching. We can texture wood, metal, as well as foam! We also can sandblast your sign to prepare it for new paint.

Sign Texturing

Auto & Equipment Sandblasting

Auto & Equipment Sandblasting.png

Get the Perfect Look for Your Vehicle, Farm, Commercial or Industrial Equipment

When you need work done on your vehicle, a piece of farm equipment, a commercial mower or a large industrial loader, you want to be sure that it is properly cared for. You don’t just want anybody sandblasting it. Dave’s Custom Sandblasting is who you want to call. We will remove paint and rust while leaving the metal beneath undamaged.

Sandblasting Any Surface

From auto body parts to a farm tractor, we'll get your equipment cleaned and free from rust so you can get it painted and put back together again! Your rebuilding process will go more smoothly when you give us a call!

Parts Sandblasting Services

Half the fun of rebuilding a classic car or a piece of equipment is using original parts. Unfortunately, when these parts come from a junkyard, they can be in pretty rough shape. 

Auto & Equipment Sandblasting

Let us help with our sandblasting services! We'll have your metal parts cleaned and ready to use lickity split!

Auto Sandblasting
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