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Our motto is that ‘No job is too small’ - we can handle everything from sign blasting and texturing to metal stripping whether the object needs a tow motor to lift it or can fit in the palm of your hand! 

Sandblasting services

Our Services

We can handle your job


The surfaces and purposes for needing sandblasting services are extensive. We cover it all at our shop.

Metal Cleaning.png

You can refresh your metal surfaces and fixtures with one simple call to Dave's Custom Sandblasting.

Paint Stripping.png

Our sandblaster will clear off any and all paint from your surface much more effectively than natural erosion, no matter the shape and size.

Sign Texturing.png

Dave’s Custom Sandblasting specializes in texturing signs to give them a custom look.

Auto & Equipment Sandblasting.png

From auto body parts to a farm tractor, we'll get your equipment cleaned and free from rust!

Big or Small,

We Do It All!

We work with customers in every field - assisting with residential projects, commercial signs to equipment or pretty much anything in between, and anything portable in the industrial field, including large equipment. 

You can count on us at Dave's Custom Sandblasting LLC, Zeeland, MI, to provide you with exceptional sandblasting services!

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